Monday, October 20, 2008

It's been a little too heavy around here lately

This morning Ben was sitting on his top bunk bed while I tied his shoes before school. He looked around with his great smile, admiring his carribean blue with white cumulous clouds painted walls, and said, so sweetly, "Thanks, Mom, for painting my room." Yeah, baby, it's a good sky to sleep under and wake up in. But what's even better is you noticed and thanked me. What a sweet kid.

Time for a little thanks from me to sister bloggers whose work sustains me.

I am way overdue in introducing some new favorites in the blogosphere, and I finally got around to updating my links. Please see, to the right and a little lower, Julie Zickafoose's wonderful site. She got a real gift for describing paw paws, kids and birds, but it doesn't stop there. Then, there's Jayne who writes honestly and takes great photos, and who has been a lifeline for me. Finally, don't miss Organic Mama who is always a freath of bresh air (not a typo, a spoonerism, she loves them and salty language, too.)

If it's true that the blogosphere is now our online town square, please follow my lead and visit these extraordinary women. I guarantee you'll find voices to make you laugh, make you cry, and definitely make you think.

Peace to all. Don't let the bitebugs bed.


Jayne said...

Awwww.. thanks Cindy. I love the metaphor of the online town square, for that is exactly what it feels like much of the time. So glad to have met you on the corner my friend.

O' Mama said...

Why THANK you, Cindy, for the shout out and kind words - I really like being that freath bresh of air (I am SO using this :-) and I also thank you for the great comment you left for me.

So nice to see you on a stroll in the bloggy neighborhood!