Friday, October 10, 2008

Bumps in the parenting road

Benjamin and I rode in the Blue Water Ramble on Sunday. It was a 30 mile tour, Ben on the trailer bike, and it was great. He did beautifully, really enjoyed it. I whined much more than he did. I'll get around to pictures soon

I am exhausted lately. I am tired of not having any money and Ben having a voice.

Oh, did I really say that? Some days I swear if I hear "Mommy why do caribou eyes glow in the light from the train" again I will scream. Instead I try to answer the same way each time.

Until I cracked last night and said, "Because they are fake eyeballs made in China by children who have to work for a living instead of living in unbelieveable luxury and being able to watch Polar Express three nights in a row!"

He laughed. "Silly mommy, no, really why do . . ."

I drove off the road. I am writing this from beyond the grave.

Fact is I am too weary to even do this artfully, but go to this poem. Read it. Tell me if it isn't just the most wonderful poem or not. Thank you, Poetry Daily. Thank you, Gary L. MacDowell for writing this lovely poem and reminding me that there is life beyond the glowing caribou eye.


Jayne said...

I suppose it's times like these that I find myself closing my eyes and really counting my blessings. Somehow it always puts things into perspective for me, even when I get no real conversation from Sam except to rattle off train facts to me. The blessings are in there someplace.

garylmcdowell said...

Cynthia -

Thank you for the kind words about my poem... and for linking to it from your blog.

Ann Arbor is one of my favorite towns in the world! You lucky bug to live there!


Cynthia Bostwick said...


You are most welcome. Thank you for giving us your gift to share.