Tuesday, October 10, 2006


There's a blogger on this site named Clare. Clare writes Three Beautiful Things each day. She succeeds because it isn't smarmy whiskers on kittens stuff, but real things that she sees joy in. Simple things, recipes for small inward smiles, the holy of the everyday.

Here's a fall recipe, too.

Ruby red
sweet beets
in the long late

juice like
candied blood
from the cut gems
stains my hand .

Two colors of red
revealed in the slicing,
soaking in the
chestnut balsamic
while garlic browns
and onions become
tiny window panes
in hot oil.

Add the garnets
to the oil and it begins
to steam--
tart vinegar and garlic
season the kitchen.

Chop the greens:
from the beets
green and burgundy;
then kale, dewy water
rolling off the oddly
pale leaves.

Now oiled greens and reds
filled with life,
the suicide drug for

so pleasing
and useful.

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