Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Amygdala rondala

Love, that noble emotion;
dethroned patriarchs
and beguiled matriarchs
with chemicals manufactured in the brain.
Dopamine makes us dopey;
neurepinephrine makes us mad with love.

The amygdala governs the mixings:
physical responses,
organs tighten and engorge
lusty attraction before attachment.

A primate learns to grasp
and kiss his mate
from the front;
she learns this is pleasant
like the baby clinging to her breast.

Mother's love for lover's love.

Front to front,
two backs outward,
shielding the inner body,
the soft bellies,
from the world.
Very god of very god
the pre frontal cortex then
lends attachment to the soup.
That scent,
like lavender
or maybe like fresh fruit:

the scent of survival.

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