Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The First Running Away Fight

Ben was upset with me today. He's on winter break, creating a nightmare of child care questions for a working mom. Today, he spent the day at Lana's house. Lana's parents are both physicians, and they live in a gorgeous, huge house with every toy imaginable, plus a daddy.

When I arrived to pick him up, Lana's mom invited me in to have coffee, which I did. I like her and her husband, they are witty and very welcoming. They are French Algerians,very liberal in their politics, and very gracious. We had a lovely conversation for about a half an hour, then it was time to get home.

Ben cried. Wailed. Wanted to stay. Did not want to go home, and made it plain. I got him in the car, somewhat against his will, he was still very mad at me, and was quite articulate in expressing it. I explained that I wanted to get home to take care of Lily, and I wanted him there too, I had missed him during the day, wanted to have dinner. Nothing would console the prince ripped from the friend's bossom.

When we arrived at home, he parked himself on the couch and announced: "Mom, I am very mad at you. You did not make a good choice. Tomorrow, Uncle Markie will come and take me to Florida."

"Really?" I replied, "I will miss you so much, I like living with you. I love you, even when we are angry."

"Please may I have some hot chocolate," he said.

"Get it yourself," I said, "since you are leaving for Florida!" I admit I was petulant myself.

"Mom," he laughed,"I am going to Florida TOMORROW. Today, I want hot chocolate, please!"

The Runaway and His Excellent Play Dough Train


Anonymous said...

beautiful and poetic describing the every day battles of motherhood and the internal struggle we go through daily. and, tomorrow he will not remember a thing other then the really cool "thing" (ie: mop, glove, dog, movie, etc) at the physicians house.

Jayne said...

Smiling at Ben and his wonderful train and his magical logic. Uh, TODAY I need you to care for me and my needs... TOMORROW I'm leaving. Oh... Duh. Tee hee hee. Love to you mom. XOXO

Jenn said...

OMG, I nearly spit out my coffee! What a clever negotiator! And just look at that smile :D

Cynthia Bostwick said...

All of you, Anon included, are so valued. I don't always have the energy to return the favor, but I so love that you read and take the time to comment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!