Monday, January 12, 2009

A Fun Boss Meeting

The nature of Ben's learning problems have to do with an unspecified language processing difficulty. It's not clear how much of what he hears gets processed right, although I suspect far more of it gets through than the professionals see evidence of. Ben is a gifted mimic, but isn't always sure of what it all means. He also has certain conversational defaults: he wants so much to converse, and falls back on Drummond Island, his cousin Cameron and Thomas the Train when he runs out of things to talk about.

Recently, he has made a tremendous leap forward. During my evening dinner table litany, from the setting titled "How Was School," he responded pretty completely. Then he looked me in the eye and said, "And how was your work today, Mom?"

I was thrilled. "Well it was good."

"Did you do anything fun today, Mom?" asked the solicitous son.

"Well, yes," I replied, barely able to keep from cracking up, "yes, I had a fun meeting with my boss."

"Oh!" he exclaimed, "so you had a fun boss meeting? Good for you!"

Benjamin, my love, you succeeded in bowling your momma right over with this display of conversational prowess. Far better than the most fun boss meeting.


Jenn said...

What a clever little boy! :D The 1st time Nick was able to answer the "how was school" question was the day another boy hit him at school. Strange as it seems, I couldn't have been happier - it was such a HUGE developmental leap forward in his language skills that day!

Jayne said...

Awww... how cool! It's always so great when something like that comes out so succinctly. Bless his little heart, he's trying. :c) XOXO

Em said...

Language processing difficulty, my ass! He's like every other man - he has selective hearing.

He's not quite 5 and he's got more conversational ability than a lot of adults and certainly more than his 9 year old cousin! He asks you how your day went?? He's empathic! He's interested in other people and the world around him!! He actually has "default" conversation topics?? Do you know how huge that is??

I am so disgusted with Cam's public school b/c when you walk in the front door you can smell the apathy. And with Ben, they're too far the other way, potentially marking him for life. So what if the other kids tattle on him? That's part of becoming a social human being. The sting of disapproval of your peers is part of what helps us learn our societal mores (is that correct terminology? I dunno, too late for me to care, you get the point, right?).

Sorry about the rant. I wouldn't publish this one.

Oh well, I "lug" you, Em

Cynthia Bostwick said...

Jenn, Jayne--thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Em, my dear sister, you are right on. I love you for ranting for my son!

Peace out,