Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Glasses

Yesterday, we picked up Ben's new glasses. He put them on at the optical shop, looked at me smiling and said, "I can see!" I swear, his balance is better and his gait more steady already, although he's been dancing and wiggling all day from too much Halloween candy, so it's really not easy to detect the difference.

After he got in the bathtub, I realized he didn't have them on, and I didn't see them on the bathroom counter. I asked him, slightly panicked, where they were.

"I put them in the case on my table, Mom, so Lily wouldn't get them," he answered. He's already a more responsible glasses-wearer than I: last week I stepped on mine in the middle of the night and bent them a bit. How they got on the floor I will never know, but they sure weren't in the case.


Jayne said...

How cute he looks! I remember when Sam first got glasses, how amazed he was that he could see so well. :c)

o'mama said...

His glasses look just like mine! Enjoy them, Ben! That whole seeing well thing? Totally rocks.
I must admit to being a less than responsible glasses wearer: more often than not, I fold them and place them on my bedside table before bed. Where SHOULD they go? Ummm.