Thursday, February 22, 2007

What are your muses?

What inspires you to write, to paint, to sing, to see beautiful things? What are your muses?

A brief list of mine:

The crescent moon this time of year that sets just after sunset, hung in the sky like a half-eaten slice of melon: below it the evening star swinging like an electric lavelier

The way Ben touches my hand in a quiet moment just before he looks into my face

The voice of a long forgotten lover over the phone and the way I can hear him smile when I say his name right after his hello

The lap of a wave on any beach, anywhere

The song of a warbler on an August Sunday on Huron Bay

The spoken word of someone else talking to her child without convention or care

The love letter of a long-dead poet to her eldest daughter

That hour of the day just before night when the palette narrows into grays against a purple sky

The way each of my parents has gotten sort of weepy over the strangest simple things


Ben & Bennie said...

Sunsets anywhere but mainly at the beach.

Children in another room laughing unknowing that father is listening.

My Ben's voice.

Music, music, music...

A warm breeze through the leaves of a tree on a hot summer night.

A palm tree.


Hawks riding upon a thermal above the field next to our house.

A starry night far away from city lights.

cloudscome said...

Anything in the woods.
Always, the sky.
Children doing whatever they do.
Water moving.
An unexpected sight.
Color, texture and soft sounds coming together.
A reason to make a list.

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