Monday, December 18, 2006

The right words

Today I have been writing all day at work: recommendations on child support and custody. It's not easy, at all. It's not even really much fun, although I love my job. On my monitor I have a poem that I wrote last year to remind me that I love finding the right words, even if it's at work. A potter friend acutally uses it in her advertising for The Empty Bowl fundraiser: a benefit for the Soup Kitchen in Port Huron-- local potters make bowls, and you buy them and you get a bowl full of soup and the Kitchen gets the dough.

And yes, I am posting this from work. It's taken me exactly five minutes of a break I never use.

A Potter's Wish

The perfect poem:
a mixture
of passion,
flesh and bone,
phrase and memory;
an empty bowl
built to hold words.

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The Curmudgeon said...

If I didn't post from work I wouldn't post at all.

But mine is a different situation....

Custody recommendations would have to be very difficult to make. You'll need breaks now and again.