Thursday, November 09, 2006

Batting averages and politics

In the blogosphere hall of fame, my political batting average is .666. I’ll avoid any comment on the supposed religious significance of the number to those who believe the Book of Revelations is a blueprint from our mortal existence, a belief which theologians of any serious study dispute, and recap for you.

John Tomlinson will be the new Probate Judge in St. Clair County. This is truly a wonderful moment for all of the most vulnerable of St. Clair County residents. John will make a wonderful judge and I am so glad to have been a part of his support in pursuit of that office.

We sent a strong message and overthrew some of the aliens. No more Rick Santorum. No more Delay crony. No Dick DeVos. Democrats now control Congress, which is part of getting back to balance. No single party should ever control all the branches of government.

However, on the third issue, the voters didn’t share my views. In passing Prop 2, people in Michigan supported the return to an uneven playing field. And we passed it by an astounding 58%, just two points lower of our famous ban on gay marriage a year ago. At least I live in one of three Michigan counties which defeated the proposal, but it wasn’t enough. As I walked into Ben’s preschool with him this morning, Kai’s mom said, “I have such elation and so much heartache over the election results, I am still reeling.” We chatted briefly about how to use Prop 2 tactics to defeat it: maybe we’ll mount a ballot initiative called the “keep women and minorities in their places” amendment, and reinstate affirmative action under that title. The fact that this regressive proposal was entitled the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative made it all the more devastating that people actually voted for it.

BAMN and the U of M are going to fight it, and hope springs eternal. Hail to the victors, to coin a phrase.

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